Translation is all about the transfer of ideas.

You have a concept that needs to be expressed to a particular audience, in another language and culture. Maybe you’re launching a new product or service, or expanding your market for an existing one. The reality is: transferring an idea is deeper than simply transferring words from English into French, or Arabic, or Japanese.

Your target reader is operating in a different mental framework. They have different sensibilities and sensitivities to powerful phrases, perceived benefits and features… the voice of your brand. So your content needs to be adapted to suit your target market. Translations can take on a creative writing process, sometimes called transcreation, so that it is culturally adapted and localized to your audience.

An effective translation allows the concepts from the original piece to flourish in the new language. An ineffective translation, on the other hand, can present very real problems to your business operating worldwide. A wholly unintended meaning could come across negatively to a sensitive audience, causing more than a headache: it could cost you business.

Can you imagine if:

Your expensive advertising campaign fell flat in a target locale?

Your training program failed to instruct employees?

Your correspondence was unintentionally offensive to a major international client?

Your product information was unrepresentative, and is facing legal consequences?

Localizing the language you use is equally, if not more important than simply translating it. Our Founder, Tanya Sapty, leads Circa Translations Inc. on this very premise. An experienced translator herself, Tanya has built over a decade of experience learning, translating and teaching languages.

Meet Tanya Sapty : Founder

Tanya has lived and worked in various countries around the world, dedicating her time to developing her expertise. Her first love is languages, with over a decade of experience in the industry with a Specialized Honours Degree in Translation and a Certificate in Technical & Professional Writing. She believes in the value of having the extensive theoretical and practical training involved in the craft, and seeks out like-minded translators. A seasoned account management professional, Tanya understands the pressures on both sides of a client-service relationship.

“While I hate to see words reduced to numbers on a page, I realize not everyone sees translation my way. Translation is more often shopped for as a commodity with this two-dimensional approach. In reality, translation in any domain is a writing process. Like pieces of a puzzle coming together. The trick is to blend the very best talent with the latest technology to make quality affordable.”